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Insurance Companies and Your Rights
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Auto, Truck, and Motorcycle Cases
Wrongful Death Cases
These are by far the most common types of personal injury cases. The laws of Oregon and Washington allow injured persons or family members of those killed as a result of the fault or neglect of another to recover payment from the insurance carriers.

We all pay premiums to our insurance carriers so that there will be adequate coverage to protect us if something happens. Insurance companies understand their obligations to pay for such damages, but do little to encourage individuals to pursue their rights and, in fact, many times discourage such investigation. The less people understand their rights, the less likely it is that the insurance company will have to compensate them for their loss, especially at fair market value.

Lawyers simply bridge the knowledge gap between you as a consumer and the insurance company as a profit motivated business. Insurance companies train adjusters to manipulate individuals when they are hurt. If the other driver’s insurance company asks for a recorded statement, just say no. The way they ask questions and the fact that you may be on medications and preoccupied with pain are all reasons to wait and get advise. Never feel guilty about investigating a claim or hiring a lawyer. The law allows it, and the insurance companies have already assumed the responsibility for paying for losses by accepting premiums year in and year out.

For the consumer, it is important to understand that the area of insurance law is very complex. What may seem to be a straightforward claim may not be. Even a claim with no light at the end of the tunnel may be one where an attorney can use the laws to your advantage and bring the insurance carrier to the table for a fair evaluation of your claim. Please refer to the question and answer format for specific answers to typical questions.

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